June 12 2018

Nomination Contest Summary

This summary will help you understand the roles, responsibilities and timelines leading up to the vote during a Nomination ContestIn this summary, we answer four key questions to having a successful Nomination Contest: What the Constituency Association should doWhat a Prospective Candidate should do; What the Nomination Contest looks like; and What a UCP member should do to ensure voting eligibility.

1. Constituency Association (CA)

To request the opening of a Nomination Contest, CAs must meet the following criteria:

„  Have held their Founding Meeting on the 2019 boundaries and registered with Elections Alberta;

„  Have at least 150 members;

„  Have at least $3,000 in the bank; and

„  Have prepared a draft budget for a Nomination Contest.

CAs will then appoint a Local Constituency Nomination Committee (LCNC), comprised of exactly three Board members, up to two members at large (could be 0, 1, or 2), and the UCP Executive Director or their designate (i.e. a Constituency Development Coordinator).

The LCNC should hold a first meeting and discuss the following:

1)  Elect a chair;

2)  Draft a budget that includes:

a.  Hall rental for a polling station,

b.  Printing of ballots,

c.  Hall rental for forum (if the CA wants to do so); and

3)  Basic idea on some preferred dates for a Nomination Contest.

Once the conditions have been met, the LCNC should formally submit their budget and request to open the nomination to the UCP Executive Director or their designate.

The Party will ultimately decide when a nomination begins.

2. Prospective Candidate – What the prospective candidate should do

If someone is interested in being a UCP Candidate, they should do the following:

1)  Register as a Nomination Contestant with Elections Alberta;

2)  Request a Nomination Contestant Questionnaire (application package) by emailing nominations@unitedconservative.ca; and

3)  Complete and submit the Application back to the Party

a.  Contestants who submit their complete Application and the required fees, minus the Petition, will receive a membership list for the CA.

In order to win, Contestants will need to identify their supporters and get them out to vote. They do this by selling UCP memberships, finding supporters in the existing membership, and making sure their supporters vote.

Successful Contestants work hard, organize effectively, and build a strong campaign team.

Contestants do not need to wait for the Nomination Contest to formally begin to request or submit an Application. The Party strongly encourages interested Contestants to request and submit their Application as soon as possible.

3. Nomination Contests – What the nomination contest looks like

The Party will inform the Chair of the LCNC and President of the CA when the Nomination Contest opens.

The Party will send a formal notification to Active Members in the CA via email informing them that the Nomination is open.

„  Interested Contestants have 7 days to request an Application from the Party (if they have not already done so), and

„  14 days to submit their complete Application (if they have not already done so).

After the deadline to submit the Application has passed, if there is more than one Application submitted, then the LCNC will choose a date or dates to hold a Nomination Event (vote).

„  The Event must take place a minimum of 21 days and a maximum of 28 days after the deadline to submit.

„  The Party has the final responsibility to determine if a proposed Event contributes to a fair and impartial nomination process.

The LCNC must interview each Contestant and provide a recommendation to the Party’s Nomination Committee anytime between the opening of the contest and 3 days after the deadline to submit Applications.

4. Voting Eligibility – What a UCP member should do to ensure voting eligibility

To vote in a Nomination Contest, you must be a resident of the constituency and an Active Member of the UCP for at least 21 days* prior to the first day of voting to be eligible to vote.

„  You can complete your UCP Membership Application form online.

„  If you have questions about the status of your membership, please contact the UCP Office at info@unitedconservative.ca or by calling 1-888-465-2660.

* The 21 day time period applies to Nomination Contests opened after May 28, 2018

Questions? Please send all questions to nominations@unitedconservative.ca or use the information on the party's website Contact page for the UCP Political Operations Team member assigned to your CA.