July 03 2018

Candidate Selection Rules and Procedures

Candidate Selection Rules and Procedures

Preamble: The United Conservative Party respects and values the members of the Party and the significant role of the Constituency Association as the primary organization through which the rights of members are exercised. The UCP strongly endorses the democratic selection of our candidates and requires Constituency Associations to abide by the Candidate  SelectionRules and Procedures as set out in this document. The UCP requires that all Constituency Associations provide organizational and financial support to the Party's candidate for their riding with the goal being to elect a UCP MLA.

1.         GENERAL

1.1.    In these Rules:

1.1.1.    "AIP" shall mean the Agreement in Principle on the establishment of the United Conservative Party dated May 18, 2017;

1.1.2.    "Applicant" shall mean a person seeking to become a nomination contestant;

1.1.3.    "Application" shall mean cumulative documents referred to in clause 4.5 and the appropriate payments referred to in clause 4.6;

1.1.4.    "CA" shall mean the registered constituency association of the United Conservative Party;

1.1.5.    "CA Board" shall mean the board of directors of the registered constituency association of the United Conservative Party;

1.1.6.    "CA President" shall mean the President of the registered constituency association of the United Conservative Party;

1.1.7.    "Candidate" shall mean a person who has been elected or acclaimed as a result of a Nomination Event or who has been appointed under section 8.3 of these Rules.

1.1.8.    "EFCDA" shall mean the Election Finances and Contribution Disclosure Act, RSA 2000, c E-2 as amended from time to time;

1.1.9.    "Executive Director" shall mean the Executive Director of the United Conservative Party;

1.1.10. "EvenNotice" shall mean the notice sent by the United Conservative Party describing the nature and details of the nomination event;

1.1.11. "LCNC" shall mean the Local Constituency Nomination Committee as set out in section 2 of these Rules;

1.1.12. "LCNC Chair" shall mean the Chair of the Local Constituency Nomination Committee;

1.1.13. "NC" shall mean the Nomination Committee as set out in section 7 of the AIP;

1.1.14. "Nomination Contestant" shall mean a person who has met the requirements set out in section 4.1 of these Rules;

1.1.15. "Nomination Event" shall mean the process outlined in section 7 of the Rules;

1.1.16. "Nomination Petition" shall mean the petitions outlined in section 4.6 of these Rules;

1.1.17. "Opening Notice" shall mean the notice sent by the United Conservative Party declaring a nomination contest open and setting out the date that nominations will close as described in section 5.1 of these Rules;

1.1.18. "Party" shall mean the United Conservative Party;

1.1.19. "Party Board" shall mean the InteriJoint Board until the first AGM of the United Conservative Party and the Board of Directors of the United Conservative Party thereafter.

1.1.20. "Rules" means the rules and procedures set out in this document as amended from time to time.

1.1.21. "RO" means the Returning Officer for a nomination contest as set out in section 7.6 of these


2.1.    Each board shall appoint an LCNC for the purposes of nominating a candidate to represent the party in the next election. The LCNC shall administer the local portion of the Nomination Contest in consultation with the Executive Director or their designate and in accordance with these rules, the Bylaws and any applicabllaws including nomination contest spending and contribution limits.

2.2.    The LCNC shall be comprised of:

2.2.1.    Three CA Board members;

2.2.2.    No more than two members at large of the CA;

2.2.3.    The Executive Director or their designate;

2.2.4.    The LCNC shall select one of its members to be the chair;

2.3.    LCNC members must sign a NC approved waiver that will declare they maintain confidentiality and neutrality and pledge to not become a nomination candidate.


3.1.    CAs should meet the following criteria prior to being authorized to have their nomination opened:

3.1.1.    Have at least one hundred and fifty (150) members;

3.1.2.    Have at least $3,000 itheir CA bank account;

3.1.3.    Have provided the Executive Director or their designate a proposed budget for the nomination contest that includes the estimated total cost of holding the nomination contest.

3.2.    The LCNC may indicate to the executive director their desire to open their local nomination.

3.3.    The Executive Director or their designate has the authority to open any nomination in consultation with the NC.

4.         APPLICATION

4.1.    "Nomination Contestant" means an Applicant who has:

4.1.1.    Provide a completed application form, all necessary payments, forms and petitions to the Executive Director or their designate.

4.1.2.    Who has been interviewed by the LCNC, and whose application has been approved by both the LCNC and the NC.

4.2.    An Applicant must comply with the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act and register with Elections Alberta as soon as they commit one of the following:

4.2.1.    When the person has announced his or her intention to seek nomination;

4.2.2.    When the person has incurred campaign expenses in relation to their nomination campaign; or

4.2.3.    When the person has received contributions in relation to their nomination campaign.

4.3.    Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements at the time of the Application:

4.3.1.    The Applicant must be eligible to be a candidate under the Elections Act and the Election Contribution and Financial Disclosure Act;

4.3.2.    The Applicant must have been a member of the party for at least six months from the opening of the nomination, unless subject to a waiver being granted by the Executive Director or their designate

4.3.3.    In accordance with the provisions of the CA Rules, have taken a leave of absence from all CA and Party boards.

4.4.    Any eligible person wishing to be an Applicant shall provide a completed application form, all necessary payments, forms and petitions to the Executive Director or their designate.

4.5.    The Applicant shall provide to the Executive Director, as part of the Application, the following payments:

4.5.1.    A $500 to the CA in the constituency for which they are seeking the nomination. This fee is non-refundable and is not a donation.

4.5.2.    A $500 fee to the United Conservative Party. This fee is non-refundable and is not a donation.

4.5.3.    A $1000 certified cheque, bank draft, or money order payable to the Party to serve as a good conduct bond. The good conduct bond will be returned at the end of the next general election at the discretion of the Executive Director or their desig nate.

4.6.    An Applicanmust provide an original candidate Nomination Petition, in the required form, signed by 50 UCP members in good standing who reside in the constituency. If the constituency has less than 300 members on the date of the opening notice, the applicant must obtain signatures from at least 1/3rd of the membership.

4.7.    Applicants will only be allowed one application before the Party at any given time. An Applicant may submit another Application in a different Nomination Contest, which will be treated as a new Application, only following the conclusion of a Nomination Contest, the reject ion/ withdrawal of their Application, or their withdrawal of an Applicant from the Nomination Contest.


5.1.    Applications should be sent in as soon as a potential candidate starts campaigning. A nomination candidate must request within seven days of the Opening Notice being sentNominations shall close at 5:00 p.m. MT fourteen days after the Opening Notice is sent. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that a complete Application and a completed Nomination Petition are received prior to the close of nominations at the Party off iceIn the event the Application is untimely or incomplete it will not be considered.

5.2.    The Executive Director or their designate will forward portions of the Application to the LCNC Chair in preparation for the LCNC interview of the Applicant. An Applicant shall be interviewed by the LCNC at any time from when the Opening Notice is sent to three days after the close of nominations.

5.3.    If a majority of the LCNC believes that there may because to reject an Applicant, they shall inform the Executive Director who shall immediately inform the NC. The NC shall endeavor to render a decision to approve or reject an Applicant within four (4) days of receiving word from the LCNC that there may because to reject said Applicant.

5.4.    The NC has the discretion to reject an Applicant on any grounds it sees fit. The LCNC has no authority to reject an Applicant but shall report to the NC any grounds upon which it believes an Applicant should be rejected. The NC may reject an Applicant whether or not the LCNC has expressed a belief that there may because to do soThe NC also has the authority to disqualify a Nomination Contestant and to remove a Candidate on any grounds it sees fit.

5.5.    As soon as possible after the close of membership sales has passed, the Party shall provide each Nomination Contestant with a list of members eligible to vote at the Nomination Event(s). Nomination Contestants will have a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours to forward corrections to the list to the Party for review and appropriate action. If necessary, an updated list will be sent to all Nomination Contestants.


6.1.    The Nomination Period shall have the following components:

6.1.1.    Fourteen calendar days during which Applications and    Nomination Petitions are accepted and during which individuals may purchase or renew their Party memberships and so be eligible to vote in a Nomination Event, and;

6.1.2.    If a Nomination Event is required, a campaign period of at least twenty-one calendar days but not more than twenty-eight calendar days following the close of nominations as set out in section 5.1.

6.1.3.    The Executive Director or their designate can permit a Nomination Event to occur earlier or later if they deem necessary.


7.1.    If following the close of nominations there is only one Nomination Contestant, the LCNC shall acclaim that person the Candidate. If following the close of nominations, the LCNC determines that a Nomination Contestant has not been acclaimed a Nomination Event must be held.

7.2.    The local LCNC shall choose the type of Nomination Event. A Nomination Event may be a single nomination meeting at a specific date, time and place; or multiple nomination meetings at various dates, times and places. Only rural CAs should contemplate having voting on various dates and at various places.

7.3.    The Executive Director or their designate has the final responsibility to determine if a proposed Nomination Event contributes to a fair and impartial nomination process.

7.4.    Voting shall occur by means of a single preferential ballot wherein the eligible voters numerically rank the Nomination Contestants in sequence of their choice.

7.5.    New membership sales who can vote in the Nomination Event close twenty-one days before the voting begins. If voting is taking place on numerous dates you must be a member twenty-one days prior to the first vote to receive a ballot.*

7.6.    The Executive Director or their designate will appoint an impartial Returning Officer for every Nomination Event.

7.6.1.    The RO shall supervise the credentialing of voters. The Party shall provide supplementary Rules and instructions for credentialing.

7.6.2.    Photo ID is required and statuary declarations will not be allowed

7.6.3.    The RO shall supervise the voting and vote count and declare the result of the count. The RO or the Executive Director or their designate can appoint deputy ROs to supervise a Nomination Event.

7.6.4.    The RO shall retain possession and custody of the ballots and the voter sign in sheets for fourteen calendar days for delivery, if requested, to the Party. If not so requested, the ballots shall be fully and completely destroyed after the expiration of the fourteen-calendar day period. If so requested, confirmation of destruction shall be provided by the RO.

7.7.    No business other than the selection of a Candidate shall be conducted at the Nomination Event.

7.8.    On the ballot, the Nomination Contestants shall be listed in alphabetical order by surname.

7.9.    In CAs where factors such as geography, weather and transportation hinder members from attending at a single location, the LCNC may direct, or upon request from the Board may authorize, that the Nomination Event take place at nomination meetings held at two or more times and locations.

7.10. Ballots shall be marked in secret.

7.11. Proxy voting is not permitted.

        All Nomination Contests that opened on or before May 28, 2018 are required to follow the previous rules timeline of a fourteen-day window: New membership sales who can vote in the Nomination Event close fourteen days before the voting begins. If voting is taking place on numerous dates you must be a member fourteen days prior to the first vote to receive a ballot.


8.1.    In the case of a surprise election the Party Board may modify these Rules as they deem necessary.

8.2.    If deemed to be in the best interest of the Party, and in consultation with the NC, the Leader may appoint up to four candidates in four constituencies.


9.1.    All notices under these Rules shall be sent by the Party to all members in good standing in the constituency. The Opening Notice shall open nominations in the CA and shall specify that nominations close in 14 calendar days.

9.2.     If a Nomination Event is required, the Party shall provide details to all members in good standing in that constituency.

9.3.    The CA Board may choose to, at its own expense, additionally mail copies of notices to members of the CA eligible to voteSuch notice by mail will be sent by the Party to the members' addresses of record on file with the Party off ice.


10.1. If the NC rejects an Applicant, disqualifies a Nomination Contestant, or removes a Candidate, that person may appeal to the Party Board.

10.2. The Executive Director or their designate shall immediately bring any appeal to the attention of the Party Board.

10.3. The decision of the Party Board on an appeal is final and binding and is not subject to further appeal or review on any ground whatsoever.


11.1. A person who has publicly declared themselves to be seeking a nomination in a constituency, must process and submit any and all sold memberships to the party office by the end of every week using the party's approved format.

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