Medicine Hat Regional Governance & Policy Conference

Medicine Hat Regional Governance & Policy Conference

April 14 9:00 AM - April 14 4:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Event Details

All members are invited to attend one of five Regional Conferences. These conferences will provide members the opportunity to debate several proposals that will assist them in making their vote in the second surveys. Given the tremendous response in terms of the number of submissions there will be insufficient time to debate and rank all submissions at the Regional Conferences.

  • Cost to attend a Regional Conference is $10 and does not include lunch.
  • Upon registration, members will be asked to select the top proposals they wish to be discussed. Constituency Association representatives who submitted a proposal and are attending the regional conference will have the opportunity to discuss their top proposal.  Additional Constituency Association proposals may be discussed, time permitting.
  • Schedule for the Regional Conferences will be three-hours (9am – 12pm) to discuss Governance documents and three-hours (1pm-4pm) to discuss Policy Statements.

The Regional Conferences are part of the Grassroots Development Process designed by the Policy Committee to gather input from our membership that will form the founding Governance rules and Party Statements of the UCP at the Founding Annual General Meeting in Red Deer, May 4 to 6, 2018. 

  • The result of each Regional Conference vote is for attendee information only. It will not have any bearing on the ranking process for the Founding AGM, which will be done exclusively by the collective survey results. Members will therefore be able to BOTH fill out surveys AND attend a single Regional Conference. This is a necessary departure from our original intent we have made in response to the volume of submissions received and to ensure fairness to all members and proposals.  

For more information about the Grassroots Development Process, follow this link.

Venue & Location

Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, 2005 21 Ave SE, Medicine Hat, AB, T1B 1A5 Image Description