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Valid and current memberships in the legacy parties, along with the schedule expirations dates of those memberships will be respected and acknowledged as memberships of the UCP.

Individuals who are eligible for UCP membership under this Agreement, and who become members of either of the Legacy Parties after the signing of this Agreement but before membership sales in the UCP commence, will automatically become members of the UCP.

Membership in the UCP will consist of all who are ordinarily residents of Alberta who:
  • are at least 14 years of age;
  • indicate their intention to join the UCP by personally authorizing an application for membership in the UCP;
  • support the principles of the UCP; and
  • have paid the prescribed membership fee, personally or through an immediate family member (spouse, parent or child).
As proof of membership, an Albertan will either hold a valid official current membership card of the UCP issued in his or her name or be on the UCP’s official membership list.